Piedmont Park Fire District


New Fire Apparatus (Engine 4) Arrives

Posted by Ryan Parks on April 29, 2015 at 12:20 AM

*2014 Pierce Velocity Custom Pumper*

Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus delivered "Engine 4" in August of 2014.  Engine 4 is the newest apparatus in the Piedmont Park Fire District fleet.  This pumper was placed in service as the 1st due Engine at our Headquarters Station on State Park Road.  We are proud to be serving our community with this new state of the art apparatus.  Below you will find detailed specifications on Engine 4:

2014 Pierce Velocity Custom Pumper

Motor:  Detroit Diesel DD13 500 HP

Transmission: Allison EVS 400 Automatic

Pump:  Hale Q-Max 150 (1500 GPM)

Tank: 750 Gallon Water / 25 Gallon Foam Cell

Whelen Lighting Package (LED)

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