Piedmont Park Fire District

Smoke Detector Installations.

Piedmont Park Fire provides smoke detectors at no cost to citizens within Piedmont Park Fire District. Fire Department personnel will come out and evaluate your residence and install the smoke detector(s) in there proper place. It is recommended that you replace your smoke detectors every 10 years. The smoke detectors we install have a 10 year lithium ION battery that is maintenance free for 10 years.  Fire Department personnel at your request can perform a home fire safety inspection and help you create a evacuation plan in the case of an emergency. If you are interested in having your smoke detectors evaluated or a review of your home safety plan contact us at our Headquarters Station 864-244-5034.

Public Relations Events

Piedmont Park Fire participates in many public relations events throughout the year, Fire personnel visit schools, churches and day cares to share and spread information about fire safety. If you are in the Piedmont Park Fire District and are wanting to have our firefighters come and talk about fire safety please contact our Headquarters Station at 864-244-5034.