Piedmont Park Fire District

Geographical Information Services

Piedmont Park Fire District began to utilize and maintain G.I.S. data in January of 2011.  G.I.S. has allowed us to customize a system for our District that allows us to have the most up to date and accurate mapping possible.  Officer's utilize a tablet computer loaded with G.I.S. software in command vehicles that allow them to locate the most direct route to a location, as well as to locate the closest fire hydrant should the need arise.  First due Engine Companies also utilize tablet computers with this software as well.  Our G.I.S. system allows us to quickly obtain information on businesses and lauch pre-fire plan drawings.  With the implementation of the G.I.S. data Piedmont Park Fire District is forecasting a decrease in response times, and increased situational awareness.


For information or data request please contact:

Chief Tom McCarty


HQ - 864-244-5034